2022 List of Performers

Subject to change

Performance order to be determined after tech rehearsal on each day

Please submit your music to kayacongress@gmail.com

1 Baltimore Salsa Dance Company (Ladies Bachata Team) Bachata Baltimore
2 AIM Youth Team Salsa New Jersey
3 LFX Merengue Virginia
4 Huracan CT Salsa Connecticut
5 Elite Stars Chispas salsa NYC
6 Baltimore Salsa Dance Company (Urban Bachata Fusion Team) Bachata Baltimore
7 Azucar Dance Company Salsa Cleveland, OH
8 Saoco de Mambo Salsa Cleveland, OH
9 Acela – (Solo) Bachata Washington, DC
10 Huracan Dance Company Bachata NYC
11 Son de Ardiente Salsa Washington, DC
12 Emily Bodden (Solo) Salsa Dominican Republic
13 AIM Bachata Team Bachata New Jersey
14 Elite Stars La Lumbre salsa NYC
15 Womanity Bachata Bachata Washington, DC
16 Elite Stars Las Luces salsa NYC
17 Linda & Julio Salsa NYC
18 Derrick & Kelly Bachata Washington, DC
19 Rodrigo & Wendy Bchata Charlotte NC
20 Anastasia & Jovanny from Orlando Luis & Andrea Team Bachata Orlando
21 Paso a Paso Salsa New Jersey/Colombia
1 AIM Hustle Student performance class Hustle New Jersey
2 Spirit In Motion 3.0 – See No Evil Afro Salsa NYC
3 J&L Team Project Bachata Boston
4 Derrick & Kelly Salsa Washington, DC
5 Elite Stars Incendio Salsa NYC
6 World Kizomba Project Kizomba Washington, DC
7 Spirit In Motion 3.0 – Untouchables Afro-Cuban Salsa NYC
8 AIM Salsa Team Salsa New Jersey
9 Baltimore Salsa Dance Company (Ladies Salsa Team) Salsa Baltimore
10 Leithis And Alexander Afro-Cuban NYC
11 Patrick and Joanna Bachata NYC
12 Tumbao de Huracan Salsa NYC
13 Ferocity Dance Company Pro Team Bachata Urban Washington, DC
15 Unique Style Divas Duo ChaChaCha Puerto Rico
15 Darlin & Jael Salsa New Jersey
16 Ana Sofia Dallal – Representing Mexico & New York Bachata Mexico
17 Elite Stars Los Intocables Salsa NYC
18 B-Zo (Brian Bailey) Hip Hop Philly
19 Darlin & Keila Salsa New Jersey
20 Jenny Geska Samba Raleigh
21 Paso a Paso Salsa New Jersey/Colombia
22 Allison Ramirez Salsa New Jersey
23 M.S.Kiz (Steve Ciki & Lady Maren) Semba NYC
24 Stacey Paulin Salsa Atlanta
25 Huracan Dance Company Salsa NYC
26 Marc and Rose Afro beats/ brazilian /Zouk Detroit
27 Ardiente Dance Company Salsa Washington, DC
28 Rodrigo & Wendy Bachata Charlotte, NC
1 Pa’Lante Dance Company Bachata CoEd Bachata Maryland
2 Crossbody Dance Movement Bachata Team Bachata Pittsburg
3 Baltimore Salsa Dance Company Ladies Bachata Team Bachata Baltimore
4 Controla Dance Academy Student Team Salsa Philly
5 Pa’Lante Dance Company Ladies Team Bachata Maryland
6 Nuevolution Dance Student Team Bachata Fort Lauderdale
7 Crossbody Dance Movement Chachacha Pittsburg
8 Ferocity Dance Company Amateur Ladies Team Bachata Urban Washington, DC
9 Nuevolution Dance Ladies Team Salsa Fort Lauderdale
10 Baltimore Salsa Dance Company Salsa Student Team Salsa Baltimore
11 Pa’Lante Dance Company Reggeton Team Hiphop Maryland
12 Elite Stars Fuego Salsa NYC
13 Bachatamor Bachata Washington, DC
14 Burning River Dance Company Bachata Cleveland, OH
15 Prima Dance Company Ladies Team Salsa Philadelphia
16 Ana Sofia Performance Project Student Team Bachata NYC
17 Ardiente Dance Company Salsa Washington, DC
18 Abayarde Bachata Boston
19 Elite Stars Hip Hop Hiphop NYC