Safe Team

Don’t feel safe? Talk to me!


As we start off the New Year, we are taking a step forward into re-creating a safe space for the dance community to be able to attend events knowing that they are safely able to enjoy what the event has to offer.

We have all seen what it feels like an increase in reports of misconducts and sexual abuse, mostly towards women. These reports hurt not only the victims but the community as a whole. People are slowly losing faith in being able to just go to an event to enjoy the instruction and social dancing and safely meeting other event-goers. We want to change that. We want to show that the movement to be safe, respectful and consensual is bigger than the very unfortunate events we keep hearing about. We must do better and this is our shot at it.

  •  Why are we doing this?

We want to provide a proactive approach to ensuring the safety of our attendees and create a safety culture when it comes to participating in dance festivals/congress events.

  • Who are we?

Our Safe Team consists of organizers, volunteers, artists and instructors that are committed to keeping our dance scene respectful and consensual.

  • How can you find us?

During the day, at any moment in our event that you do not feel safe or need assistance, please head to the Registration table or find one of the organizers or volunteers. We all have badges to identify we are part of the organizing team.

At night, we will be wearing bright, lighted wristbands so that it is easy to spot us in darker rooms.

  • When to approach one of us?

If at any point you, as an attendee, are not feeling safe, or feel that someone is making unwanted advances and you just need to step out of the situation, you can come to any of us to help you get out. We can help walk you back to your hotel room, or a parked car. We will have direct contact and back up from security, in case the situation escalates.

  • What else are we doing?

Besides the Safe Team, we once again have Security staff ready to assist when needed. Also, we will have our phone hotline available 24/7 for reports.

Thank you,