6APRIL 14-17, 2022

Performer Registration

$99 NOVEMBER 1-30, 2021

$109 DECEMBER 1-31, 2021

$119 JANUARY 1- FEBRUARY 28, 2022

$149 MARCH 1- April 17, 2022

In addition to the world-renowned professional artists that perform for the Baltimore city audience, we invite all semi-pro, amateur and children’s teams to take the opportunity to show their talent.  There are approximately 100 available performance slots over the 4-day event so sign up as soon as possible!


1) A team director should complete and submit the Performer Registration form.  If the dance company has multiple teams, each team must be submitted separately.

2) The Baltimore Congress Team will review all submissions.

3) The team director will receive an e-mail with a Team code, and each member of the team must use the Team code to purchase a performers pass from www.baltimorecongress.com/tickets The performer’s pass is a discounted Full pass and it provides access to all daily and nightly Baltimore Congress activities, (except VIP activities) for the entire 4-day event.

4) Once a pass has been purchased by each team member, the team will be considered registered and added to the performance roster.  Payment must be received within 7 days of approval.

5) Final rosters and performance schedules will be published by April 1, 2022.

6) All performance songs must be sent in mp3 format to  kayacongress@gmail.com


Teams Information:

Send us the name of your team and the city you are coming from

Save the MP3 file with the name of your team

IF you are bringing more than one team you should use each team name for the MP3 file (instead of the name of the song) and place representing

Example: Ferocity Dance company is bringing three teams, each song should be listed as:

“MP3 File: Ferocity Pro Team – Washington DC

“MP3 file: Ferocity Ladies team – Washington DC

“MP3 file: Ferocity Student Team – Washington DC



  • Every dancer on the team must purchase a Performer’s Pass.
  • Each registered team member must perform or pay the difference between the discounted performers pass and the full congress pass.
  • The team must be available perform any day Friday, April 15 and Saturday, April 16, 2022.
  • Each approved team is guaranteed one performance slot.
  • Performances must be no longer than 2.5 minutes for solos, 3.5 minutes for couples and teams of 3 or more dancers.
  • All sales are final. NO REFUNDS. NO TRANSFERS