Advanced Challenge 

What is it?
Workshops that all attendees are at an Intermediate/Advanced level. These will be a fast paced class that teach a lot of material at a fast pace.

How long is it? One 2 hour session

How many people in a workshop?
These are designed to be SMALL workshops with 15 leads and 15 follows.

How do I get into the workshop?
Along with your online application, submit videos of you social dancing. The top 15 leads and follows are chosen by a panel, and then submitted to the instructor.

What happens if few Int/Adv dancers apply?
Then it will be a smaller worksop. We won’t lower quality just to fill the workshop.

What happens if too many Int/Adv dancers apply?
The top 15 leads and follows will get into the workshop. Everyone else is put on a waiting list.

How many genres will be available?
1. Traditional Bachata
2. Sensual Bachata
3. Salsa and Mambo musicality

What will it cost?
Full Pass required +  Advanced Challenge entry fee $50 per attendee

2019 Advanced Challenge Application

9 + 3 =